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older version?

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I just updated my paint.net today to the version 4.0.2 . I was running 3.7 or something like that. 


I am going to be honest here, I think this update was a bit.... bad. I am sorry. I really think the changes from the version I was using to this version are just horrible... I hate saying this because Paint.net is the only program I use except for gimp to make gif files. 


It saddens me. It really does. the UI changes, the feel of it. And the fact that it has turned into a complete resource hog. I am having a hard time opening files in this version, when I could open then perfectly fine with no lag at all in the old one. 4.0.2 just.... lags constantly. It is horrendous.


So, is there a place I can "downgrade" to an older version? I dont care about addons, the ones i used before are all i need, anf they worked fine for the old version.


Again I am truly sorry. But i think this update was in the wrong direction. Just bad.

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So, is there a place I can "downgrade" to an older version?

Not on this forum.


it has turned into a complete resource hog.....I am having a hard time opening files in this version....4.0.2 just.... lags constantly.


You want to give us some more detail?  Perhaps these are real bugs.  Perhaps these are just settings.  Without your system specs and some idea of the file(s) you're trying to open we have no idea what's going on.


the UI changes...

The UI is a very gentle progression IMHO. What do you have an issue with?

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well as far as the resources go... i run windows 7 with a E6700 3.2 dual core, 8gb ram, with an 8800GTS gpu. I know its an older vid card, but i did not start to have problems with it until this update. 


the image in which I had problems with (but was fine on the older version) was a paint.net file of about 18 layer. layers differing in transparency, and blending modes. 1920x1080. which is the size that i used to do all work in just fine. when i would load the file, even the layers window/box would take forever to load the thumbnail of each layer. like literally 30 seconds to load 18. another thing i noticed, when i used the magic wand tool, tolerance pretty much anything below 30 and global selection, it would not "finish" at all. a pop-up would show the progress, but it just continued to go over and over. eventually after about 20 minutes, i had to kill it in task manager. clicking the close button did nothing, and alt-f4ing did nothing. reopened the image, took forever to load, same problem with thumbnails, but decided not to use the magic wand. instead i would choose a selection, then ctrl+drag to select more. after doing this 3 times, it became extremely laggy and would take at least 20 seconds to actually "select" what i selected. sometimes it wouldnt even register that i clicked and dragged at all.


Like I said, I know its an older GPU, but I have never had any problems at all using the older version. not once. Never crashed, never experienced lag, never had any issues. I love Paint.net. in my first post i stated that it is the only program i use except for one other. I have used it for years. I really am saddened by this whole situation.

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Your system specs look fine.  Very similar to mine.  You should be Ok with that.


Have you tried turning off Settings > User Interface > Hardware accelerated rendering ?   Look for the :Settings: icon in the top right hand corner.

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Sometimes we just need a little time to get used to the new bits :D

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Then please help us and everyone out by giving us more information about it. Then maybe we can get it fixed. If we fix it for you, then it'll most certainly fix it for other people.


For instance: please give us a copy of the Diagnostics data in Settings (it has a "copy to clipboard" button). That will let me know your CPU, GPU, etc. details. Also, try enabling hardware acceleration -- for compatibility, I default this to disabled for many Intel GPUs, but it's admittedly not always necessary.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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It is not very hard to reproduce his issue with the selection logic.  At some point paint.net got really slow with extraordinarily complex selection areas. You can make it dysfunction impressively.. the selection rectangle will become useless, since it sort of updates the selection in realtime as you drag.


Test steps A: Create a 2000x2000 images with a monochrome checkerboard (squares 1px large). Now pick magic wand, global selection, 50% tolerance, and click somewhere and watch paint.net freeze.

Test steps B: FFSnipe's suggestion of using magic wand global with low tolerance is pretty spot on.. since this creates very complex areas of stray pixels. Just do it, on a large photographic image, and keep unioning the selection to increase the complexity, at least up til its 50% filled and the complexity would be decreasing! Youll see performance begin to tank eventually, but more gradually than test steps A.  This is a phenom II X6 1090T cpu @ 3.2GHZ and a GTS 450

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