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  1. "I'm currently using the work-around of a read only blank image at the size & d.p.i I need but setting a default would be great, if possible" I do that too when starting a new image... it's the copying a selection and pasting as a new image which always trips me up. Before I know it I've saved it, sent it out and then start getting the emails..."Whys this in 96 dpi" "Why isn't it the size size as last weeks" etc etc..... If I could set the whole program to work in 150 dpi or 300 dpi whatever I'm working in that day it would certainly save me a lot of hassle.
  2. Could I second this request please. Can't say how often I've completed a batch of work only to find it's all the wrong size/dpi. (yes I should be capable of remembering to change it by now, assume its an age thing!) If it isn't possible could there be an option to set the default? If I could set it at the beginning of the session to the dpi I intend working in that would be grand.
  3. Can I just say I was exactly the same when I changed over to Version 4, really disliked some of the UI changes. However after using it for a weeks I just got "used" to it. Now I think I'd have problems if I went back to the old one.
  4. There's the slider on the bottom right and a box for inputting a number.
  5. A link to the sites Privacy Policy needs to be added to the forum Header or Footer.
  6. I use questions on my forum sign up. Had an Austrialian email me to say it was daft to have such a difficult one!!! What is the Beatles song about the day before today?
  7. Hi Jenna, welcome. I'm new as well so excuse me if I ge this wrong. I'm using version 4 so not sure if its the same as 3.5 but on the colour window, click on "More" and you should see an Opacity - Alpha setting
  8. Veggie now but I used to love spam fritters as a kid, the local chippy did them
  9. Please don't jump down my throat if this doesn't work Duplicate layer. Select the new top layer Select area you want to work on. Invert selection Delete (so you are only left with the bit you want to work on) Work on it Merge the two layers.
  10. Thank you. A work around for me would be the ability to change that 96 default at any time. That way I could set it to what I was working in for that project and I assume all my issues would be solved. Not being a programmy type person I'm not sure if that would be a bigger job than the initial issue or not. Click edit and then in the second step click 'full editor' Thank you, found it. Once you pointed it out I realised the board software is the same as mine :-) Not that I'm much better with my own!
  11. I "Select All" copy the image and then "Paste into New Image". The pixel size is the same but the ppi changes to 96 which causes the print size to change. Is this normal behaviour? (It's OK if I remember it's does it, otherwise I have issues), Or maybe there's a setting or something somewhere I need to tweak? (sorry, I've seen what I did in the title but not how to edit it).
  12. Yes everything on the main domain was unavailable for me at the time ( or everything I tried), however the forum was fine. Anyway all back now :-)
  13. I can get this page (subdomain) with the forum on but I can't get the main getpaint.net site :-( Is it just me or a general issue?
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