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  1. OK, I can believe that. I've seen tooltips off the bottom of winforms toplevel windows not blinking before, but not in applications as complex as paint.net which could be doing 1000 other things to smoke out the scourge of the flickering tooltips.
  2. You're right. This thread is a textbook illustration of disrespect.
  3. I just noticed there are no tooltips for any of the widgets at the bottom of the screen. This made it difficult to figure out what was happening with the zoom mode button so that I could understand your response to https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/114683-paintnet-42-is-now-available/?tab=comments#comment-561516 Regarding that locked thread, I don't agree with how this works. When the zoom is locked, the zoom icons don't appear grayed, and rightly so -- using them will kick it out of zoom lock mode. So too should panning. The zoom lock mode is still useful, in that the document stays filling
  4. The new (as of when? I don't know) layer palette icons are not improvements. They are a sea of pale boxes. It is the merge and sort up/down buttons that I get mixed up about. Those are two very different things, but the icons (blue boxes and arrows) are similar so I get lost. Compare to the previous icons which had giant up and down arrows only for the layer moves. The pretty aesthetic logic is "these buttons do things to layers so have an icon containing a layer" but that is poor logic. The context of that menu is already layer. Information saying "this icon is about layers" is redundant, and
  5. I've just noticed a weird problem where any newly opened (or created) document cannot be panned by holding the mouse wheel / middle button. The cursor will show an opened hand and an X instead of a gripped hand. However after simply zooming in once and then back out it gets unlocked, and there are no longer any problems with that function. I'm running windows 7, and I would readily believe it's something jacked up with my system, and I haven't tried rebooting. I don't anticipate rebooting between now and a future paint.net release so I figured I'd go ahead and report it. To be clear, the rep
  6. Oh don't worry about me, I'm quite fine after I shout a few vile oaths at my monitor, each and every time. I actually feel quite blessed overall by paint.net, and thanks to all responsible for that. I don't use more than 2 documents in paint.net because the ctrl+tab logic is wrong and it would just confuse me, so I never noticed that. But I could see it being a similar situation for an appreciable fraction of the dozens of users still using classic theme. The same problem does apply to the tool palettes however, but it isn't as disconcerting there just due to the usage pattern, I b
  7. OK, so I gather I will be miserable until the end of my days because toggling visibility off a layer changes the edit focus to another irrelevant layer drawn out of a hat, and there will never be an option to change this. But I'm more miserable than most people because the color of the selected layer for editing is equal to the color of the layer that my mouse is hovering over (i.e. the one I just toggled the visibility of) so that whenever I toggle off a layer, I see two layers selected. I am then suddenly uncertain what has happened and I have fewer visual clues to regain my equilibrium than
  8. mspaint doesnt seem to use WIA, so that isn't informative. maybe running a regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\wiaaut.dll would help. I'm not sure who installs wiaaut.dll, the internet seems kind of unclear on the subject. perhaps yours has been overwritten by another program. mine is 6.1.7600.16385 In your registry, you can check for this and make sure it's pointing at %SystemRoot%\System32\wiaaut.dll HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{850D1D11-70F3-4BE5-9A11-77AA6B2BB201}\InprocServer32
  9. Sounds like most likely someone who didn't know what the 'windows image acquisition service' was for disabled it. Restore its setting to automatic, and it can solve this error message (which might should be rewritten to mention this possibility). It's also possible that your WIA is broken and every time the service tries to start, it fails. You might could detect this by manually starting the service and see if it fails. In that case your windows event viewer should contain some information about why its not functioning.
  10. I doubt it. That would be an unusual feature, and this program has an unusually low number of options. I'm confident this is a bug, so a discussion of how to disable that feature would have a short shelf life anyway, hopefully. But in case someone likes making it a hotkey, maybe it could obey the scroll lock key, which could be loosely defined as 'prevents things from automatically scrolling' and would therefore apply in this case.
  11. I think I can repro his problem, It's caused by low performance and laggy mouse event handling. It would be exacerbated by slower selection drawing or flood-filling logic. Here is a simpler approach which even if it doesnt work for you should illustrate the problem: 1. Move the mouse to the very top of the image, say, 3 screen pixels from the top. Enable the magic wand tool. 2. Click and release the left mouse button to use the magic wand... 3. Now, very quickly!! Move the mouse cursor up above the ruler. The window will begin scrolling upwards, since the MouseUp is processed with the wrong
  12. I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for making paint.net is one of the few new relatively new programs in the universe which doesnt forcibly enable text antialiasing.... anywhere. I don't know whether this was on purpose or not, but I imagine the existence of this registry hack is a sign of taking it seriously.
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