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  1. OK, I can believe that. I've seen tooltips off the bottom of winforms toplevel windows not blinking before, but not in applications as complex as which could be doing 1000 other things to smoke out the scourge of the flickering tooltips.
  2. You're right. This thread is a textbook illustration of disrespect.
  3. I just noticed there are no tooltips for any of the widgets at the bottom of the screen. This made it difficult to figure out what was happening with the zoom mode button so that I could understand your response to Regarding that locked thread, I don't agree with how this works. When the zoom is locked, the zoom icons don't appear grayed, and rightly so -- using them will kick it out of zoom lock mode. So too should panning. The zoom lock mode is still useful, in that the document stays filling the screen while you move the window around, but would be less obtrusive then, getting out of the way when you're indicating via the mouse "I want to actually do something that you're blocking". I don't think the point is to prevent people from accidentally panning, so this should be taken as a cue that they are no longer interested in the zoom lock mode being enabled.
  4. The new (as of when? I don't know) layer palette icons are not improvements. They are a sea of pale boxes. It is the merge and sort up/down buttons that I get mixed up about. Those are two very different things, but the icons (blue boxes and arrows) are similar so I get lost. Compare to the previous icons which had giant up and down arrows only for the layer moves. The pretty aesthetic logic is "these buttons do things to layers so have an icon containing a layer" but that is poor logic. The context of that menu is already layer. Information saying "this icon is about layers" is redundant, and is essentially noise, making the SNR for the strip of icons very high. At the same time the useful information (the arrows) have been shrunk thus impairing the SNR even more. Actually, when I want to move a layer down, my eye is drawn to the slightly larger arrow on the merge icon (and the arrow isn't the important part of that, it's the two boxes) and so I use that icon, then wonder what in the heck is happening. There is the same situation is intense for the delete layer icon (formerly a giant X, now a tiny X with an irrelevant blue box). For these reasons, the old icon concepts should be restored, even if you have to redraw them to match some new line and fill styles with the other icons in the UI.
  5. I've just noticed a weird problem where any newly opened (or created) document cannot be panned by holding the mouse wheel / middle button. The cursor will show an opened hand and an X instead of a gripped hand. However after simply zooming in once and then back out it gets unlocked, and there are no longer any problems with that function. I'm running windows 7, and I would readily believe it's something jacked up with my system, and I haven't tried rebooting. I don't anticipate rebooting between now and a future release so I figured I'd go ahead and report it. To be clear, the repro steps are: 1. Open 4.2 final 2. Try dragging with mouse wheel (it wont work)
  6. Oh don't worry about me, I'm quite fine after I shout a few vile oaths at my monitor, each and every time. I actually feel quite blessed overall by, and thanks to all responsible for that. I don't use more than 2 documents in because the ctrl+tab logic is wrong and it would just confuse me, so I never noticed that. But I could see it being a similar situation for an appreciable fraction of the dozens of users still using classic theme. The same problem does apply to the tool palettes however, but it isn't as disconcerting there just due to the usage pattern, I believe.
  7. OK, so I gather I will be miserable until the end of my days because toggling visibility off a layer changes the edit focus to another irrelevant layer drawn out of a hat, and there will never be an option to change this. But I'm more miserable than most people because the color of the selected layer for editing is equal to the color of the layer that my mouse is hovering over (i.e. the one I just toggled the visibility of) so that whenever I toggle off a layer, I see two layers selected. I am then suddenly uncertain what has happened and I have fewer visual clues to regain my equilibrium than everyone else. I'm attaching a screen shot of me having just toggled layer 3 off. I don't know why the mouse cursor went weird when I took my screenshot. I'm also attaching a crude mockup of what it should ideally look like instead. I have ascertained during the 30 seconds I was willing to engage the aero theme that it functions similarly.
  8. I won't be using Windows 10. I can't entirely freely pick which OS I use, and even if I could, I wouldn't pick windows 10, which seems to add nothing of interest for me and forces me to abandon the windows classic theme. When requires Windows 10, I won't be using anymore.
  9. Well, it certainly auto-chooses 8bit when theres less than 256 colors used in the image. That would be a correct decision. If it looks fine in other programs but just not in minecraft, then that's pretty much proof that is working correctly and it's minecraft with the problem.
  10. .net framework is different from .net runtime. It's the .net framework that you install, which makes sure it's corresponding runtime is installed. So, 'requirements' lists for software installs list the .net framework versions. And usually when just ".net" is said casually, it's referring to the framework. you can check if you have .net framework 4.5 or 4.5.1 or 4.5.2 (I would imagine, I havent checked that version yet) by looking in appwiz.cpl under "microsoft .net framework" If requires framework 4.5, then having 4.5.2 would not interfere with it. So it's worth installing. However, I'm not sure whether A) 4.5.2 would even get used by, and whether anything microsoft claimed it fixed would manifest as fixed in (it would depend on many details of engineering) Making programs be DPI aware is potentially one of the most excruciating things for a programmer to do, depending on his personal nature. One thing that makes it easier is if you make your UI look like a fisher-price videogame toy. That trick isnt available to programs made for serious grown-ups getting work done, like So... try to have some patience
  11. Of course I agree this is piriform's problem and not's, but in case youre curious: maximize the window, sort by registry key, and search for HKCU\Software\ You will probably find other entries in the sorted region of HKCU\Software so youll know when youve found that region, but it isn't guaranteed (I didn't have that many). Then you can find it's comments on why it's messed up. I only found "obsolete software". When I allowed it to just clean one of those, it said it was going to delete it, and it did.
  12. occam's razor says: the files are corrupted. I suggest you backup your other files.
  13. If no program can open it, then that's a pretty sure sign the file is corrupt.
  14. I can't make sense of "trustedinstaller download says the file is invalid, so I can't use that". It sounds garbled. Have you redownloaded the installer? Perhaps you have -- perhaps 'invalid' is referring to an older version of's installer, which it is attempting to uninstall first, if the link i pasted is related. That link doesn't say there should be anything obviously about in your registry, it discusses a cryptic number in your registry. At any rate, you can search for msizap which lets you clear out MSI's awareness of old things to uninstall, or discover whatever microsoft thinks is an adequate replacement (some troubleshooting wizard), or whatever people are doing instead of msizap nowadays, or find a link to an old copy of msizap. There are a lot more links on this forum about the subject. I'm confident youre having the same problem
  15. this sounds related. try to double-check the error message for more text which may relate it to that link, which posted more text in the error message. You can't conclude that you need a new 32-bit OS to install It could be a dysfunction in your current 64-bit OS, as the above link would suggest. In fact, it is definitely untrue that a 32-bit OS is required to install So don't do that.