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Maybe not the best time to start a discussion about this topic, but from my point of view Paint.NET 4 is too heavy for beginners. So it would be nice if it could run in two modes: Beginner and Experienced User.


Beginner mode would remove some settings from the interface so that it works more like the MS Paint or Paint.NET 3.


For sure there are serious arguments against this idea, but maybe let us collect pros and cons first.

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I agree in the point that Userinterface design is much more complex than a lot of people expect. And it's true that I don't know any MS application which did it well. The question is not a new story in software design.


Even Paint.NET does it already. The colorwheel allows by default to select opaque colors only.


I hope we agree that Paint.NET 4 lifted the level to step in. Still not the Gimp way ;-)

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Beginner                                  Moderate                                       Advanced


Ms Paint                   Paint.NET                         GIMP                   Photoshop





There's your main choice. I know there are others but I can't include them all in a chart that size.


Also, I am not a fan of GIMP.

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Midora, I do understand what you are saying.


When I was a beginner, & quite a few others here, we completed as many of the tutorials as possible. This gave us a great insight into how things work in PDN, like various plugin effects, techniques & many other things. How long a user remained a beginner had more to do with their ability to learn, apply the learning & the amount of time spent using PDN. 


Having said this, Dryda, that means your chart only needs Paint.NET for all levels. With the release of 4.0 & the excellent plugins & tutes that have/are being written, PDN is your one-stop-shop.


Yellowman, Helen & Pixey are just 3 who are advanced users, as are you - no need for photoshop. Goonfella followed some Photoshop tutes using PDN & had some amazing results. Nai also did something similar


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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I hope we agree that Paint.NET 4 lifted the level to step in. Still not the Gimp way ;-)

I actually disagree... ;-)


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