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I want this Fill. for v3.5.5

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I'm not sure that the fill styles have changed between versions so I have no idea why you don't like the interface. Can you be more specific?

What you have posted appears to be a fill style. Select the tool then look in the Tool Bar for a dropdown list of the different fill styles. There are several that look similar to what you've posted.

Remember these fills use the Primary and Secondary colors.

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"is too terrible" Umm, okay ... ?


I'm not taking requests or feedback for 3.5 any more. If you don't like 4.0, that's your opinion, but there will be precisely zero changes or updates to 3.5 from now on. Once 4.0 is released, 3.5 will cease to be supported here on the forum, both for troubleshooting as well as for other discussion.

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Aside from the fact that Rick isn't taking suggestions for v3.5 anymore, we don't support outdated versions of paint.net on this forum (see forum rule #7). The most recent stable version is v3.5.11.

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