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Animation question

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Is there any way to animate without creating and saving each individual frame of a graphic?

I am currently using unFREEz to animate and I made my avatar by creating each separate frame, making the arm move a little bit each time. Is there a quicker way than that? Because I've been some really complex animated graphics made by Paint.NET users, and it doesn't look like they did that. It looks like a movie, like there were no frames involved.

Any help?

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So, I understand that if you want a professional-looking animated graphic, you have to create and save every time, frame by frame, little by little, even though it takes forever.. XP lol.

But, say I wanted to make an animated graphic with Paint.NET and use unFREEz, how would I do something such as fade text out or in? I don't know how to do that frame by frame.

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wat's the point of PhotoShop when u have Paint.Net??? (don't tell me that photoshop can do better things) it can't...Infact, if u put the plug-ins, then i think that Paint.Net would be better.

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinions :)

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Photoshop and PDN is a good combination. One is a massive program. One is a couple of megabytes. One is packed with effects. One has the potential to do that too. One has clouds. One has clouds [and blending modes]. One does vectors. One does cursors and icons [plugin]. One costs money. One is free unless you get Sharp Paint Pro by Mysterious Michal.

It all depends on how you look at it :D

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