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    cats, cookies, drawing, cookies, volleyball, cookies, sewing, cookies, reading about cats, cookies, bubble gum, cookies, oh did i mention COOKIES?

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  1. Cool background, and I like the shadowy S thing. Funny quote too. 9/10
  2. He said the cursed word!!!!! MS *****!!!
  3. Whats the weirdest, funniest dream you've ever had? I've had two really, really odd ones. I think back to this and now wonder; "What the heck is wrong with me?" Lol. So, heres the two MOST weird dreams. Most of my dreams are weird, but these are the oddest: In the first one, a bunch of mechanical alligators and MC Hammer were chasing after me, trying to eat me, and I had to hide in a shoebox with a purple lightbulb in it. And I actually fit into the shoebox. My second one, was that I was Natalie, from the TV show Monk, and everything was in the graphics like a game called Half-Life. The zomb
  4. *shudder* Ugh, thats horrible. *twitch*
  5. Um...I'm gonna guess underated, cause I've never heard of it. Pie.
  6. That sucks. My history teacher hates me. I think it's cause I dye my hair pink & blue, and she doesn't like it. Thinks its "improper" for a girl of my age. She's always saying bloody potato like that.
  7. Yeah, I saw that somewhere. Now I can't remember where the heck it was.
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