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    cats, cookies, drawing, cookies, volleyball, cookies, sewing, cookies, reading about cats, cookies, bubble gum, cookies, oh did i mention COOKIES?

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  1. Rainshadow

    Rate the sig of the poster above you!

    Cool background, and I like the shadowy S thing. Funny quote too. 9/10
  2. Rainshadow

    Deviant Art, where are you?

    *pokes siggy*
  3. Rainshadow

    Odd dreams

    No one has a weird dream? :shock:
  4. Rainshadow

    Screenshot Programs

    He said the cursed word!!!!! MS *****!!!
  5. Rainshadow

    Odd dreams

  6. Rainshadow

    Odd dreams

    Whats the weirdest, funniest dream you've ever had? I've had two really, really odd ones. I think back to this and now wonder; "What the heck is wrong with me?" Lol. So, heres the two MOST weird dreams. Most of my dreams are weird, but these are the oddest: In the first one, a bunch of mechanical alligators and MC Hammer were chasing after me, trying to eat me, and I had to hide in a shoebox with a purple lightbulb in it. And I actually fit into the shoebox. My second one, was that I was Natalie, from the TV show Monk, and everything was in the graphics like a game called Half-Life. The zombies had taken Mr. Monk, so Natalie (me) had to rescue him from the zombies. She killed the zombies by hitting them over the head with her purse. Finally, after I rescued Monk, he discovered that the zombies had taken his wife, whom he thought to be dead. So I ended up rescuing Monk and his wife. It was really weird.
  7. Rainshadow

    Hey! I'm new!

    *shudder* Ugh, thats horrible. *twitch*
  8. Rainshadow

    Underrated Or Overrated?

    Um...I'm gonna guess underated, cause I've never heard of it. Pie.
  9. Rainshadow

    Rants *enter at own risk*

    That sucks. My history teacher hates me. I think it's cause I dye my hair pink & blue, and she doesn't like it. Thinks its "improper" for a girl of my age. She's always saying bloody potato like that.
  10. Rainshadow

    Rate the sig of the poster above you!

    I rated yours already so...
  11. Rainshadow

    What Your Favourite Meal.

    Tortellini. YUM!
  12. Rainshadow

    Ask a n00b question, get a n00b answer.

    You don't make it wrong. How do I use the keyboard?
  13. Yeah, I saw that somewhere. Now I can't remember where the heck it was.