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  1. This is what I got, with the exception of the Glow Effect used
  2. Nice one Hellfire. By The Way, that archer is from Guild Wars
  3. I find this funny, But I have photoshop, and all I do is use to animate. Otherwise I use Paint.net.
  4. Im fairly new to Paint.net as well. I just mix and match tutourials and effects I know are cool
  5. On mine? If I am correct, it is a font called Dimitry I pulled it off a site called DaFont.
  6. After seeing Bolt's post, I saw that my palette wasnt the new one (yes I updated).
  7. Great Tutorial! I made this for my friend's website. All I did was just cut off the backround and leave the text, then used glow. Not Bad Eh?
  8. I use Paint.Net for a lot of stuff. I mainly use it for creating textures for games like Counter Strike, Half Life, Half Life 2, etc... I have finally started to want to make rust textures. I saw that the cloud filter would be perfect. The one thing I found about the filter that is a downside, is that the background color of the clouds cannot be transparent. If it can be transparent, am I doing something wrong? ~Heavy Arms~ P.S: I will supply pictures if needed.
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