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Barcode Plugin (recompiled)

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MODERATORS NOTE:  this plugin has been superseded by a newer version:




I've Done Some Small Changes In The Barcode-Project,

and Re-Compile It Using The .Net 3.5sp1, with Visual-Studio 2008.

- It Renders Much Faster Now.

- It Uses Less Memory.

- File Size Of Build DLL is Smaller.

I've attached the source and DLL for you,

It is tested and working, also hoping you take the lead from this one.

thanks for a great paint.net plugin.




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@Sepcot released the source code with the original plugin, so I don't see that recompiling would be a problem.

Sepcot hasn't been around the forum for some time either, so either someone updates this plugin or it dies. Me, I'd rather see it updated.

I'll edit the original post and provide links to the updated files.

Thanks for the update eladkarako! :D

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The above three posts have been split from the original thread to make finding this recompiled version of the original barcode plugin easier.

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