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  1. MODERATORS NOTE: this plugin has been superseded by a newer version: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/31559-barcode-v14-nov-14-2015/ I've Done Some Small Changes In The Barcode-Project, and Re-Compile It Using The .Net 3.5sp1, with Visual-Studio 2008. - It Renders Much Faster Now. - It Uses Less Memory. - File Size Of Build DLL is Smaller. I've attached the source and DLL for you, It is tested and working, also hoping you take the lead from this one. thanks for a great paint.net plugin. Barcode_sourcecode.zip Barcode_DLL.zi
  2. The 3.5.4 beta is working fine for me
  3. have all plugins I could find. from here and every external website, I could 'put my hands on'. finally, I've got this compatibility check for every 'Effect' (=plugin), so you can check down the list (whom ever you are..), to find out what plugin (a.k.a DLL file) will not work in the new 3.5 beta 3 version (was out in oct, 12). first of all- list of all dll files installed in effects folder: AlignPlugin, Alpha-Displacement Mask, AlphaMaskBrush, Anaglyph, Bars, Borders N' Shapes, Boutons, Bullet, Burninate, Centerlines 2, Channels, CircleText, CodeLab, Color Match, ColorBalance, ColorModul
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