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Change Default Setings

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Hi flynby and welcome to the forum :)

Sadly you can't change the settings as to what format your image is in or to where you wish to save it within the program itself, but if you select the option "save as" you can use the drop down box to select .jpg and then navigate to your desktop to save it on there. :)

I don't know your reasoning for preferring .jpg over .png format, but .png is a far better quality ;)





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Here is one tid-bit of info for you:

Paint.net remembers where you last got files from. So if you open the image from the desktop, it will also save to the desktop. But this will lead to you having to have all your images on the desktop if you wish to use this capability to your advantage. I don't really think you'll want to go down that road however.

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A small jpeg picture equals 44.1 KB while the png of same size equals 196 KB. The size is 514 x 600. And there is no difference in viewing once the picture is sent to the forum.

Actually there is a difference, but it may be difficult to detect optically.

JPG's use a lossy compression system to reduce the file size. This means that data is lost in the compression. Often visual 'artifacts' can result. This happens even at 100% 'quality'.

PNG's use a lossless compression. There is no loss of data when saving. The downside is larger file sizes.

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