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Export layers from PDN to images?

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Hi All

Is there a way to export all/some of the layers in a PDN to single images ?

maybe an "export layers" option ?

I think I saw a plugin some where that saves layers.

but i'm not sure.

the reason for me asking is that I have started a number of new projects and

most of the work is already based on and done under other different PDN projects

and I want to take a few layers from each PDN project file..

I tried the long way to check/unchecked layers and flatten the image each

time , but its too much work :-(

there must be a faster way to do it.

If not , can something like this be added to Paint.Net.

we do have under layers "import from file".

can "export to file" be added ?

where i can select the type of Image like jpg/png

and it would export the selected layers.

thank you



It would also be great to those who do animations, and can export the layers as frames...

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Does opening several images and copying the layers between them not improve your workflow?

If I need to copy layers, this is what I usually do:

Flatten the layers you wish to export then press Ctrl + A to Select All of the layer.

Ctrl + C copies the selected layer to the clipboard.

Ctrl + Alt + V dumps the contents of the clipboard into a new image. Alternatively, move to your other image (where you want the layer placed) and press Ctrl + Shift + V to drop the clipboard into a new layer.

Does that help?

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EER, I think he/she is dealing with multiple image ( each image consists of many layers) and all images are open in PDN

avim1968, I think the long way you are using is the fastest (Air-quote) available for now,

if you are working with small canvas for animation purpose then try to find a good screen capture that supports Fixed-size and Auto-naming/saving.

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Yup - you're probably right.

@midora mentioned I Like Pi's Layer Saver. It that what you're after?

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I searched for Layer Saver after midora mentioned it.

i d/l the file that was on the top and somewhere in the middle,

I would try them later when i'll get home, I read the thread and they talk there

about old Paint.Net versions (the thread is old) and i hope that it would

be able to read the last version of Paint.Net PDN files.

i'll keep you updated.

10x midora



yellowman - I'm a "HE" ;-)



Well i have tried the utility "Save Layers" , its nice and does what it say.

However it has a major problem, that it does not save ALL the layers and saves

only the visible ones :-(

not visible layers are saved as blank transparent in PNG or white in JPG.

this is a problem for me since i need to load the PDN into Paint.net

manually check all the layers as visible and it takes time since there is "no"

button to make all layers visible or not. and i have 70 layers or more.

then save the file in a temp name since i don't want to override the Project PDN.

only then i can use the save layers utility on the new file.

using this utility is faster then my old way of flattening the PDN and saving the layers.

but still needs allot of work before using it.

can the programmer of this wonderful utility (I like Pi?) add the option to save ALL layers of the PDN?

this would be great and solve all the problems or should i say, save the time

to prepare the PDN as i just wrote above.

Rick i know you are busy, but a mark/unmark "all visible", button in the layers window would be great ;-)

(and if i can without making you angry, a restore button or have the undo option/window restore the layers

to the state they where before the mark/unmark all)

last thing , most of the time i don't need ALL the layers, so i just mark the ones i need

then save the temp file :-)

again thanks midora and Ego for telling me about this utility

and if "I like Pi" read this then BIG thank you to him too :-)

thank you


Edited by avim1968

"DDAP=Don't Drink And Post!" :-)

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