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Can't change Color Palette?

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A long time ago I used to use a program called paint shop pro 4 made by JASC. I loved this program for sprite editing but can no longer use it becasue it has a 16 bit program installer. I discovered paint.NET and works good axcept for one major problem. There does not seem to be a way to lead a different color pallete for a picture. Am I missing something quite obvious or is there a trick to this? Im working with video game sprites and need to change color palletes so I dont manually have to change so many colors. I searched online for a while but nothing. Any help is appreciated.

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If you're looking to generate a custom color palette based on the colors in an image, Paint.NET doesn't do that.

Yes you can! To save a palette based on an existing image, try this plugin: Palette from image tool

Extracts the palette from the current image & saves it to (or creates) a paint.net palette file.

To apply a palette to a current image, try Selective Palette from this pack:

What it does is allow the user to build up a list of colours, and then it converts each pixel in the image to the closest colour on the list. To make life easier it also loads and saves these lists in the same format as the Paint.NET Palette file, so if you have any custom palettes, you can quickly load one and see what your image looks like using only those colours.


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