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Blending writing into a pic

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Hi all :D

I am trying to blend the wording above on the photo intothe photo, so it doesnt interfere with the pic, and you can see the pic as well, without losing the quality of the font and writing too :D IS this possible please?

Greetings sharonharvey2,

The easiest thing to do is to create your text on an invisible layer and the go to then Effects Tab and scroll down to Objects and select Drop Shadow. Then add a thin gray drop shadow around your text to make appear to stand away from your background image.

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A quick and simple alternative is to create your text on a layer above the picture and fiddle with the blending mode in layer properties.... try reflect and/or overlay.

For future reference, you may want to remember to ask questions like this in the appropriate area of the forum also (discussions & questions - as against beginner tutorials) to avoid getting jumped on!



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@sharonharvey2: Your question is a good one, but it is not a tutorial. This section of the forum is reserved for the publishing of tutorials ( just like ventor1 mentioned).

Tell you what, I'll move this to the Paint.NET Discussion & Questions section for you if you promise not to do it again. OK? boltbait.big_smile.png


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