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Is there an instruction manual available ?

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I am new to paint-net, and I have recently downloaded the free program. I have tried to fiddle around with various things to try to work out how to use paint-net but am finding it very hard to get my hands on soemthing that tells me everything and what paint-net can do. I have an online store so I would like to learn how to use this program to make my photos look better. I wiould find it much easier to use if there was some sort of manual available ?


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Thanks, I saw that one too, but I was looking more for something that guides you step by step ie :

1. Click on this link

2. Click on this dropbox

3. Then click on this

....and so on. Something more for 'dummies' like me ! I really don't know in which order I should do things, something more step by step would be helpful

Thanks :-)

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