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To creat a 3 letter monogram

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Think of layers as clear acetate sheets stacked on top of each other. Write a character on each layer. See how you can move the layers (and therefore characters) independently without interfering with the other letters?

Welcome to the world of layers! B)

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a good example of layers is from the movie IronMan- assuming youve seen it of coure... when he is in the cave still a prisoner, he designs the first iron battle suit, but he designs it on several different pieces of paper- you cant see the full plans for the battle suit until you lay them on top of each other and hold them down, so you can see all the pieces at once..working with layers is the same,,each of those pieces of paper is a Layer and it takes all the layers to see the full picture, but yuou can modify each layer without having to modify the picture as a whole


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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