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How can I make somthing like this?

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rough translation

So: we Take a photo of the darling нашому to heart of the person (here for example. The truth of the darling?) Ctrl+J (we create a copy of a layer at which we shall scoff)

Further Filter-> Artistic-> PosterEdges

Gently we cuting a figure. We create a background layer of black color and this layer under a layer with our cut beauty is moved. Also we disconnect the EYE of this background layer, while.

We check, what a unique visible and active layer was charm, that color (forground) would be chosen black. And now Select-> Color Range also it is plaid about level while to not like us that that is allocated (All is precisely visible also any shades)

And further … simply poetry. We create a new layer, we take brush Star

And in a new layer it is showered favourite by stars (on a contour to change the sizes of asterisks). And a background black layer we fill in with a gradient from black in dark blue. Then we add the text something like " You my brightest constellation! " Also it is enjoyed by the deserved gratitude.

There will be an allocation, copy it in a new layer. First we press Ctrl+C and there and then Ctrl+V and Ctrl+I (it is inverted in white). We include a background layer. Now it is possible pencil to correct all that is not pleasant. All dust have cleaned instead of expressive parts under drew? We do Opacity 50 (is more transparent better)

I hope the translation enough

This is the Original Page on Russian


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This could be a solution ....

My PDN version :

Choose a picture on which the subject is easy to cut out from the background.


Leave the first layer as backup with the picture. Duplicate it.

On the second layer use the magic wand (play with the selection range) and delete the background.

(You could create a new layer filled with black and placed as background to help you.)

On the image apply the Feather plug-in to smooth the borders. Turn then the layer into black & white (Ctrl+Shift+G).


Duplicate this layer (Ctrl+Shift+D).

On the last layer, Gausian blur it by 8px (this will affect the size of the final white line).

Press F4 for the layer proprieties and select mode Difference.

Optional : Select the image by pressing Ctrl+A, and M to move it. Use the cursor key to move 1px at a time to fine adjust the result.


Create a new empty layer. Before you continue be sure Zoom is 100%.

Press PrintScreen and Ctrl+V. It is a maner to keep all previous layers the same and to have the result in a new layer.

Move the selection to place the image into the work area.

Go to menu Layers/Adjustments/Brightness-Contrast :

Brightness : around 80

Contrast : around 60


Last step : add another layer and place the starfield...



image and starfield found with Google search (bikini / starfield)

shinning star is a white cross with vertical blur...

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No I think it the only stars we could have.....pffff I'm joking...

Any tut isn't a rule ! Play with every parameters to adjust and find YOUR image...

Of course you could use a simple circle with blur as a little shinning star or + or a * or a x or ...

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