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  1. no that is not want i want, but thanks! I made other Picture of the dog, it is Dark but i can correct this! Thanks for the Answers!
  2. Need help to get this Photo clearer! I would like to get the (I am not sure is it the right Word?) Movement unsharpened away. It is possible?
  3. I tried to Make a Photoshop Tutorial on PDN! What do you mean about this? Original Tutorial: http://www.photoshopcafe.com/tutorials/diamonds/diamonds.htm
  4. Gradient for Shine, I have understood, but I understand " Cow Bell or cowbell" maybe other than you it means! It is a joke. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cowbell (Trivia section, Cowbell Sketch) Thank you for explanation!
  5. Gradient for Shine, I have understood, but I understand " Cow Bell or cowbell" maybe other than you it means!
  6. This is a picture what I have just done. It was an original Gimp-Tutorial. And I tried to make it on PDN and this is the result. What do you hold of it?
  7. I´ve get it! I played around with Drop Shadow! Thanks! Here is the Other image, improved!
  8. That becomes only worse. Original Image was 1024x768 now is it 800x566
  9. I Tried to make this One. But the points/teeth disturb me. How can I prevent such Points/teeth as shown in the Picture.
  10. The Plugin is very good, but I need some Thing like this! It is a Photoshop tutorial! http://www.photoshopgurus.com/tutorials/t021.html
  11. I do not want to subtract! I would like to deforming the picture! For example from rectangle Selection in a triangle form or Triangle Selection!
  12. I mean hit a corner individually shift. That is like that, if I hit a corner lower right click and hold! with to shift the upper right hits a corner with shifted. But I would like only lower right hit a corner shift without that upper with am shifted. I do not have notion whether it am understandable now! Google evenly!
  13. Is there a possibility which one “Elippse SELECTâ€
  14. If what has still done! After the Same principle like on the first side is described, only I have let out " Alpha Mask Plugin" and have taken yellow colour instead of grey. Here is an example what has come out! I hope it is in order if I add a video Tutorial under it: http://rapidshare.com/files/11686023/tut2.avi
  15. Thus I have done it! A video! http://rapidshare.com/files/11571746/tut.avi Maybe describe it one in a text? Since my linguistic proficiency do not reach for it!
  16. First Made Ellipse! And then with this Tutorial Further! Change the Settings how you would it wont! Then if a chain piece is ready! Choose the chain piece and do it insert in a new Layer, and always so further! Then simply connect the chain and delete piece from chain piece!Sorry if it does not clear! I have translated this with google! Mine English is not so good yet!
  17. Here is my work! What you hold of it? http://img226.imageshack.us/img226/9071 ... ttesq5.png And thanks for the Tutorial!
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