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Pool ball


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Pool ball

So here's what we create:


flag.gif Description of this tutorial in Russian

Plugins needed

alpha mask plugin

Create a new layer. Make a radial gradient. I used the colors red #D70600 and black.


Create a new layer. Draw a circle on it. It will be a mask.


Select all at the layer with the black circle. Copy it to the clipboard. Turn off the visibility of the layer with a black circle. Go to the gradient layer. Apply the alpha mask plugin.


Create a new layer. Create on it is another smaller white circle.


Use the transparency gradient. Fill them bottom-up a white circle.


Create a new layer. Using the Text tool, write the number.


Use a paint.net standard effect Bulge (menu Distort). If you are a beginner, skip this step, it's OK this way.


Create a new layer. Draw a white ellipse.


Use linear gradient in transparency mode on ellipse, to make it translucent.


Create a shadow. Create a new layer below all the layers. Draw on it a black ellipse.


Apply on the black ellipse the standard paint.net effect Gaussian Blur.


flag.gif Description of this tutorial in Russian

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It's very strange. My method makes it smooth. Antialias not needed. It seems you have changed the technology... bt.gif

Hmm. Used a strange font for the number, but I like it. (Its called "Pebbles")

I also Gaussian blurred the glare to give it a softer effect.


The hardest part of ending is starting again. 

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Good orb tute, however I think the lighting and shadows give the ball a translucent effect.


In the above image I have made the center of the radial gradient at the top edge of the ball and given the ball a dark shadow.

I have also blurred the lighting a little.




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