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Color Splash Effect Tut/Plugin?

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I apologize, I should have been more clear or provided a sample image. I'm basically looking for a tut/plugin that can give us a similar effect as this image here:


The whole image was in color, but somehow you can pinpoint a certain image/s and keep the color while everything else becomes black and white.

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Taking nothing away from the tutorial, but there is a plugin which automates the Pleasantville tutorial: Extract Color

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None of the tuts that mountnman suggested seem to explain much and the thread where I got the Extract Color plugin doesn't explain how to use it either. I even went to this tut here, but it doesn't seem to make any sense. Several people in that thread have asked for help, but nobody seems to want to help them. My issue with that particular thread is that when I try to follow its instructions, I get nowhere near what they're trying to explain. For example, they suggest we open an image and use the Magic Wand (with tolerance at around 27%) and just click any part of an image and it's suppose to automatically choose the whole image (nothing more) and then we copy that image and proceed with the tut. However, every time I click any part of an image it only picks a very small amount of it (not the whole thing like the tut explains). Many people in that thread have somehow got it working, but they don't want to help those that don't understand it. So I guess my question is, can someone be kind enough to either explain that tut better than the original author did or know where I can find out how to use the Extract Color plugin? Thanks so much ahead of time.

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If it takes multiple magic wand selections, use multiple magic wand selections. Don't expect everything to be automatic. If magic wand doesn't work for you, find a different way to make the selection. The intention is to select the object you wish to have color. If a part of a tutorial doesn't work exactly the way it says it will, find the intention and try to make your own way around it rather than quitting so soon. The way I would go about making your selection is using this tutorial:

minus the "cutting out" part.

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