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Can no longer install Paint.Net! Help!

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Ive been using Paint.Net for quite some time now and LOVE IT! All of a sudden, it stopped opening because it seemed I had lost the file. So I got rid of it and went to your site to redownload it. Now every time I try to reinstall, I get this message 5 seconds into it: "Error writing to PaintDotNet.msi" so I'm guessing thats why it got screwed up is because It updated automatically. But anyway, how can I get it to work! I need Paint.Net again! I'm using a Windows XP and have 3.5 SP1 Framework.<br style="line-height: 17px; ">Thanks,Vince

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Tell us how you 'got rid of it'. Did you uninstall it or just delete the some files/folders?

Depending on your answer, these resolutions might be good places to start:

First, read this post ( http://forums.getpai...post__p__316684 ) and if applicable, try it.

Second, read this thread: http://forums.getpai...tall-read-this/

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