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  1. Okay, I'll verse someone with this signature!
  2. Aw N00Bz took my spot again T-T N00Bz: 1 TheHowler: 0 N00Bz c4d is effectively used
  3. Schnicka: 1 N00Bz: 1 I like both signatures but I love N00Bz use of the stock. The grainy effect when used effectively looks great, I believe N00bz utilizes it in a great way.
  4. Sfifer: 2 Keither Cancel: 0 I think Sifer's has really nice flow, the c4d is effective. Keither, yours is good but the flow is a bit odd
  5. Kemaru: 3 Schinika:0 @ Kemaru: I like the brightness of the signature however the left side is very bleh. @ Schinika: Could be more visually eye appealing nevertheless the stripes look cool So I enter with this: (its from an online game I play) (back ground was created by me)
  6. DANGIT! I just came back from vaca today and I missed this one
  7. K_I_N_G- 2 PTG- 0 King's signature was much brighter the flow is great and the render is clearly shown, and the text is easy to read PTG- No clear render, the text is hard to read, as axle said, lots of head turning. I like the vivid colors and how it seems the text is bouncing out at you
  8. Updated with signatures made FOR friends !
  9. Any more SOTW's? I missed my chance with this one, but I'll be happy to participate in the next
  10. Updated with a new style I'm trying Oh and need help on how to make my texts look lest bleh
  11. , I've tried before and it didn't look pretty.. I can try another one and post it on here for you guys to see, but don't expect much
  12. I really don't know how to make a poster or wallpaper LOL, I can only do small space art
  13. Updated *Three new signatures added* / quick typography tag added-(from friend)
  14. Axle's colors are go a bit more with the render, the flow is nice, and the focal point is shown properly however, there should be more lightning. Mayor's text is a bit off and the head is half cut off 2-2
  15. Your the one responsible for all the poster competitions. I've seen your gallery before and everyone whose currently here knows who you are. So yes, you are famous!
  16. If your running windows, make sure you have all the service packs..
  17. W@@DY- your signatures is a little bit too plain, render is a bit blurry, and text is hard to read. But I definitely like the idea of the render over sizing the back Chrisco- The render is good, but your text is very hard to read, the c4d in the chest is a bit too much. The backgrounds good and so is the lighting I'm going to have to give this one to Chrisco.
  18. is ƃuıʞʞooɹ sı

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