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Bruising Request

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Hey, I apologize if there's already a tutorial about this/ this is posted in the wrong section/ I broke any other rules. I searched and couldn't find anything close to what I was looking for.

I was wondering if there is a tutorial, anyone would be willing to make one about how to remove bad bruising from a face. I've been trying to figure out how, but can't get a good result =( I have a picture that I really like, but the bruises are really distracting lol.

Any tips would be amazingly helpful and you would get big virtual hugs. ^_^

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Thanks...I tried mixing elements from both tutorials, along with a little smudging, but can't get the adjustments to look smooth. =( Any suggestions?


I can post the original if that could help

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I'm intrigued by your hat, is that a penguin or what?



I wasn't hindered by knowing what you look like normally so had more latitude in the edit. :)

Started out covering everything with a filled lasso selection, color-picked from another part of your face.

(Spare copy is Layer 4 at the bottom)

This was feathered, blurred, had the eye opening trimmed with a soft eraser, blurred more.

The upper layers are all about putting back texture, highlights, detail, shading.

Here is a download link so the you can examine the layers individually, if you're interested.

(In lieu of a tutorial)


Any questions pls. ask.

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