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Is There A Way To Combine Two Different Pictures?

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im trying to combine to pictures for a contest im in..and i cant figure out to do it. right now there separate but i need them to be on the same picture so i can upload at once...because i cant upload them separately. if any one can help me with my problem that would be a huge help. thanks boltbait.smile.png

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The specific steps needed will depend on what you want to do with the two images.

Do you want them side-by-side?

Is one a full size background, and the other a smaller image to be added onto the background?

Something else?


In any event, you can open Paint.NET, then import each image on its own layer by using:

Layers > Import from File...

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Try on PICASA. I think it can solve your problem

That's less than helpful.

Try reading this thread: side by side pics.

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