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Plugin System on the roadmap?

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Nowadays - as far as I know - every plugin has to be installed on its own. There is no plugin system like firefox has them for their add-ons. So I'm curious about the following questions.

- Is there a simple way to install multiple plugins for Paint.net?

- Is there a simple way to keep them up to date?

Is there anything about that on the (inofficial) development roadmap? I know even Photoshop lacks of these functionalities and services. But this would be a chance to be the first "image manipulation software" which is state of the art as far as plugins are concerned. Make it the "Mozilla-way"!

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Well, I've installed this pack and the newest packs out of the forum and PDN just give me 4 plugin load errors. But they all referr to effects which are build in now ;)

You haven't used all the effects that the download installed have you? I can tell because you will run into many problems with plugins crashing because they are out of date. Then you'll come here are ask "What gives....," and we will reply "Update to the latest version". Trust me. Download plugins only from this forum.

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