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Ornamental Design help

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I've been looking through the forums for help on this topic. I may be searching for the wrong terms. Not sure, however if you look up ornamental design on google images you'll see exactly what I'm looking for. Here is an example.


Now I'm looking for a quick way to make multiple types of designs (without having to create overlapping circles and chop portions of them off to create 1 curve like the ones you find in this design.


I've tried the spiral plugin and it just doesn't do it for me (sorry MadJik, its still a great plugin).

So what is the most practical way to create these swirl/ornamental/flowery patterns?

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Because of the complexity and individuality of these kinds of patterns, there is no way to automate the process to produce good results. The best way to create floral/ornamental patterns would be using the Line/Curve tool and creating your own.

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You may find this sort of design in a font which would give you a quick way to stamp out the pattern, rather than building it from scratch.

Try searching on http://www.dafont.com (look under Dingbats > Shapes).

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If you found a nice font, please post the name here so other users can locate it.

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