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New Paint.NET version

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Sorry in advance if this is the wrong place, but I'm new to this forum

I have been using Paint.NET for a while, but recently downloaded the newest version (v3.5.1).

A couple of the plugins which I used extensively, namely Displacement Map and Smudge are apparently 'not compatible' with this version.

How can I go back to the older version of Paint.NET that allows these plugins to work?

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Displacement Map is not yet listed in the individual plugin section of the index.

It is listed in the plugins by author section though.

It's part of the Curtis plugin pack.

This is by design. I list by the plugin name & author and not individual effect unless that has been released as a standalone effect.

This is to save space. The list would be very large if I tried to list every effect contained in every plugin - and trying to keep the whole list updated would be a nightmare!

So if an effect has only been released as part of a pack - it only appears under the pack listing and not as an individual entry.

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