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Landscape Plugin - With source code (Nov 2, 2009)


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41 minutes ago, Cakie67 said:

Where can I find the "download " for this landscape -Plugin?


On 11/3/2009 at 12:12 AM, BoltBait said:

Download the Landscape.dll as part of my plugin pack here: https://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/32048-v

or download from the @BoltBait's last plugin pack.

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I finally got the landscape plugin installed back into my Paint.net. a while back.

However I cannot seem to get Red Ochre's Plugin Pak to upload correctly. My Computer guy that repaired my computer and downloaded stuff  ( windows 10) & sofeware for art work is suppose to help me  get my plugins back in. but I have not heard from  him all week.

Plugins I am missing " Distort - Fisheye" " Render " Highlight" Artistic- Ink Sketch +, " Red Ochre's Furblur : Simply Blur, Noise -TRs Scatter", " Stray-pixel remover" " Blurs - Smudge" " Artistic -Spunge" and " Drop ripple" these I use constantly in my Art Work. I need them I am just lost with out them. All help and directions on "how to  " is welcomed.

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@Cakie67 Please can you post this re-occurring question about your Plugins in the thread I created for you here:




The reason, it seems, that you are having trouble finding the missing Plugins, is that you now have the Store bought version of Paint.net which requires that you must make a new folder for them, which is described here:


"The Windows Store version of Paint.NET requires you to install plugins into a sub-directory of Documents/paint.net App Files.

For example Effects plugins would be places in Documents/paint.net App Files/Effects."


Also read here:


See Installing Plugins in the Paint.NET help for more information.





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