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Feature Request: Resized Effects Menu

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This is a feature I've been thinking about for a while, and finally decided to post about. I was thinking that the effects menus should automatically resize themselves when there isn't enough room for all your plugins. Sorry if I'm not being clear here, it's kind of hard to explain, so I'll add some examples below.

Notice how all these effects can't fit on my screen:


So to fit all of those on to one screen (because I hate clicking on those little arrows) you could do something like this:


Now this is just an idea, and I realize that it may be harder to code than it sounds, but I just thought I'd put it out there as an idea.

EDIT: Changed the pictures' sizes. (They were way too big!)

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I do agrea that this is a problem. And this looks like a good solution. I am all for it.

But we may also ask the plugin developers to consider alternatives to the most overpopulated parts of the menu. Maybe they could agrea on alternative submenus.

Render that creates something new; and render that modifies something existing. Something along those lines.

When the new version of Paint.NET is out, there will be a good time to implement changes.

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Yeah I've been meaning to ask for that to. It would be nice to actually use the scroll button on the mouse, but you can. You can only use those arrows to navigate the render effects.

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