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Grim Color Reaper plugin

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I created this account just so I could thank you.

(A post from Sarkut lead me here. (My thanks to you as well))


This is exactly what I was looking for.


I wanted to remove an entire colour (Like Chroma Key).

All the other places I looked at, went on about using multiply (Doesn't actually remove the colour....) or the magic wand tool. Except I wanted to remove the entire colour. While Magic Wand works, It is inaccurate and time consuming if the picture is complex. I was sick of using it.


Grim Reaper is far more accurate and instant. It should be standard.



So I thank you for making this plugin compatible and availible for people to download. B)

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@Pratyush I've updated your link. you had it pointing to the Gradual Stripes plugin ;)


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