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Creating a nice looking CD-/DVD-Rom


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The result of this tutorial will look like the Image at the end of the tutorial :) So please scroll down.

You may need the "Align Object" Plugin - but it's not essential



1. Create a new Image - I chose 500x500

2. Add a new Layer (called Background - I renamed the original Background to Backcolor) and paint a filled Circle on it. Start at position 0:0 and make it 499x499 big.


3. Add another Layer. Now at first draw Circle with a linestrength of 9 starting at 4:4 with a size of 493x493 and a color of #CCCCCC

4. New Layer - Draw a circle with linestrength 20 and a size of 155x155. Center/Middle it by hand or using the Align Object Plugin. #777777

5. Merge the two layers into one. That's the Outline - Starts to look like a ROM ;)


6. New Layer - Circle with linestrength 35 and a size of 90x90 - Center/Midde it. Still using #777777 as color.

7. New Layer - Circle - Linestrength 5 - Size 130x130 - Color: #FFFFFF - Centerd/Middled

8. New Layer - Circle - Linestrength 5 - Size 52x52 - Color: #FFFFFF - Centered/Middled

9. Merge this 3 Layers into one. Open the Layer config ant set the alpha blend to 90. These are the basic Steps. Now we add some realismn to the ROM :)


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10. Add a layer between Background and Outline. Select the Line-tool and Draw a Line with a width of 30 from the Center of the image to the outline. Select a dark purple as color like #400089.

11. New Line same settings except the color - chose a brighter purple like #7C0089. Paint it next to the First line with some offset.

12. Add some more Lines moving the color to pink


13. Select the Effect > Distort > Bulge... - For settings see Image at step 16.

14. Select the Effect > Blurs > Gaussian Blur - For settings see Image at step 16.

15. Select the Effect > Blurs > Fragment - For settings see Image at step 16.

16. Set the opacity of the layer to 175.


17. Add some more Layers with color gradients from Blue to green and green to yellow.

18. Merge your Gradient Layers into one and set the Opacity to 175. Play around with the curves to lighten/darken up the gradients to get the "perfect" look :)


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19. Create a new Layer and draw white colored lines from the center of the images in all directions to the outer line. It's ok if they overlay the previous created color gradients.

20. Use the same effect technique as used to make the colored gradients except the Fragment blur.

21. Play around with the Layer opacity to get smooth looking reflections. I used a opacity of 95.


22. New Layer and do Steps 19-21 again. Now use black as color. I used 35 as opacity. The result should look something like this:


23. Finally we have to clean up the ROM. Go to the Outline Layer and Select the outside Area with the Magic Wand and a tolerance of 60%. Now erase this area from all gradient Layers.

24. Select the inside Area of the Outline Layer and erase the selection from the gradiant Layers.

25. Select the hole-thingy from the hole-thingy-layer and use the magic wand to select the middle ring. Now change selection mode to Add (union) and select the inner circle with the rectangle select Tool. Erase this selected Area from the Background layer.


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I can only attach 3 Files per post - so if i don't want to maintain it by myself i have to reduce the images i use (i don't want that) or have to create a new post every 3 images :)

I dunno if theres a user gallery where i can upload images - but even if there is one i think it's more for nice finished images not for tutorial related stuff.

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Same with photobucket, AFAIK. It doesn't delete your "photo's" after a period of time. If you see that it says the image has been deleted (with the photobucket logo on it), then the owner of that account probably deleted the image themselves.

Merry Christmas


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