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Wow. You know, if you make the background just tiny, tiny bit darker, it would be a 10/10. I like it a lot.


Well, maybe I should try the tutorial myself...

Current status: lazy :?


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Thanks for this. This is my 3rd graphic I've done on paint.net :D I just added it today. I don't really get how to do the dashes, dots, etc in one of the first steps, I got arrows :? but it still looks cool to me.

to do dash dot dot click this twice...

view attatched image

click the middle part



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I've looked around in the forums a bit...this is probably the only tut with polar inversion that looked awesome when finished. Nice job!


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This is a pretty good tutorial in my opinion. But why red and blue?

Why not red and blue? Would you have said anything if, say, it was green and yellow? He does have a right to choose colours that he likes ya know!

Well done with this tut. :)


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for my text i put it in orange pressed glow 3 or 4 times then put the same color text over giving it a glow behind it look!

i love the tutorial, nice job!


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