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  1. Nice to see that people are actually reading my Tutorial! And everyone's personal twists on this method make it all better!
  2. I've tweaked up my style a bit since I've last posted. These are some sigs I've made... And after I made those, I tweaked my style yet again and got these. What do you guys think?
  3. I just spent a little bit of time messing with effects in Paint.net This is the end result: Comments And Critique Please! b^.^d
  4. Heyo it has been a while since i have written a tutorial so i figured I'd write another one This is kind of based of this tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=28214 it uses some of the same elements, but i changed quite a few parts of it and sizes and whatnot... Requirements: Paint.net Outline Object Plugin viewtopic.php?f=16&t=5715&start=0 This is an example of what you can do Step 1: Create a Canvas of 500x150, hit CTRL+A and then delete it all so the whole canvas is transparent Step 2: Select the "Rounded Rectangle" Tool and pick "Draw Filled Shape" :ShapeInterior: Step 3: Make a rounded rectange , with your color of choice, the one I used was #007F0E Step 4: Use Magic Wand and click on the rectangle Step 5: Create a new layer Step 6: Now select the "Rectangle Tool" and draw a white rectangle going about 1/2 way down the rounded rectangle(on the new layer) and lower the opacity to about 60-70 Step 7: Now create another new layer Step 8: Select the Bucket Tool:FillSelection: and where it says "Fill:" select "Dark Upward Diagonal" and fill it with your primary color being white and your secondary color being transparent. Step 9: Lower the opacity of that layer to about 20-30 Step 10: Now make a new layer on top of the previous 2 layers and paste in your render, i used this one: http://planetrenders.net/renders/displa ... ?pos=-3826 but first i used "resize" to make the height 150, be sure to have "Maintain Aspect Ratio" set so the width will automatically change to match the height, and past the render into the rectangle OPTIONAL STEPS: Step 11: Create a new canvas, size 550x170 Step 12 Paste each layer individually onto the new canvas(Try to center it), I know this is time consuming but for the shadow and border to look right you have to do this, unless you dont want a border or shadow Step 13: Find a C4D(Cinema 4D) Render, i will use this one: http://planetrenders.net/renders/displa ... p?pos=-391 Select a section of it that you want and paste it into a layer underneath the render Step 14: Select the first layer(the one with the rounded rectangle) and use the outline object plugin, set the Width to 2 px and the Softness to 127 and hit okay Step 15: On the first layer select "Glow"(Effects>Photo>Glow) and set it to Radius-6 Brightness- -100 and Contrast-10 You're Done!!! Comments and Criticism please And Post your results when done (PICTURES COMING SOON)
  5. nice i added a couple of effects and made it into a sig and avi i think its a good result:
  6. to do dash dot dot click this twice... view attatched image click the middle part
  7. ok i tried both methods suggested here i also tried it with her full name and nick name method 1: method 2: i actually like the outcome from the second method better.....it seems more i dont know better
  8. ok i fixed the title and one more question actually how would i make lines like come out of the text like in the heart
  9. hey guys i need a little bit of help with pdn how do i make text, like rainbow colored? cuz i got this wallpaper for my phone and i wanted to put my girlfriend's name in the middle of it all glowy and rainbow-y to match the heart how would i go about doing this?
  10. Well this is my first tut so go easy on me and im not sure if this is in the wrong place......if it is can some mod move it? Step 1: Create a new image with the Dimensions or 500x150 Step 2: Select the Line/Curve tool and set line width to 15, then style to Dash, Dot, Dot and make the line going straight through the center Step 3: Invert Colours (ctrl+shift+i) Step 4: Select Efects>Distort>Polar Inversion and set Amount to 1.62, Edge Behavior to Clamp, and Quality to 5 Step 5: Repeat the Polar Inversion, except instead of Clamp select Wrap Step 6: Select Adjustments>Curves and selet RGB and go wild, but this is what i chose Step 7: Select Effects>Photo>Glow and leave everything at default and hit Ok Step 8: Insert your text and you're done! Here is my Finished Product: Critisisim is reccomended!
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