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  1. I like to finish a lot of my work with smudging as I think it smoothes it off, my 10th piece didn't have any smudging in it apart from the 'Stevo' text. Which was done seperately
  2. The Text and blur is ok but background is something I'd expect from a beginner but not bad. Try addind some more layers and blend them.
  3. Well done ouchy. This isn't bad
  4. Unless you translate that to english your gonna have a hard time finding someone to fix it.
  5. Inapropriate and people that call there own work "cool" and then it really isn't makes me laugh.
  6. A little to small so it's hard to make out, heres some tips to help you out. It's ok for your first signature but I'm sure you wanna move on faster hope this helps. 1stly make your signature at a size of 400 > 100. Try adding different layers and belending techniques to give your signature more depth. For the font find a more readable one. It's hard to make it out, and I'm sure you want your work to be acknowledge but if they read it wrong and say your speared, instead of sparked you'll be a bit annoyed. What did you save it as? try saving it as a .png for best quality. Hope these helped you!
  7. Thanks for the positive feedback!
  8. Yeah I get how you do that but how do you make that curved kinda gradient :s
  9. I'll give it a shot. A young boy every day, had a routine of waking up at 6.45 got ready for school and left the house and arrived at school at 7.30, he wasn't like other kids. He seemed to have OCD from a very young age and scrubbed and scrubbed himself every day and night. At school he was in paranoia about dirt from the field and sweat from other kids as they brushed past him. He began to get frustrated with things also, he couldn't read as well as other kids. His mother began to get more and more frustrated with him. She wanted him to be normal and one morning the Teachers were surprised to not see the young boy at 7.30, infact they didn't see the boy that day at all. The teachers were worried and one of them went round there to see where he was today. Nobody answered the door so she peered through the letter box. She could see the post on the floor, and on the corner was a red stain. She then looked up further and saw a liquid she couldn't make out the colour. She held her hand to her mouth ran to the phonebox and called 999, "Please come to 27 wetherby street, I looked into the letter box and there was a pool of blood coming out of a room, there was a child and a mother living there and the boy didn't come to school today either" she said panicly. They replied "Try to calm down they are on their way". The police and ambulance arrived and broke into the house. They went into the room the blood was coming from were the little boy was laying his wrists covered in blood and the mother not to be seen. They searched the house and in the Mothers room she was hanging from a rope white as a cloud. Postmortems were carried out, And it seemed as if the boy had cut his wrists only slightly and kept brushing away at them untill reaching his veins. The time of death from his mother and son was 3 hours after the boy had died. We believe she felt it was her own fault and couldn't take it. This was written by me! Not amazingly sad but I'm good at writing this kind of stuff.
  10. Because some of us have lives? Nice, seem's your smart response wasn't so smart. '76 people' online and only 8 people registerd. That has nothing to do with people having lives?
  11. Sorry, I'll post them her next time But it wasn't exactly a serious piece so I wasn't sure were to put it.
  12. Very nice I like these ones, is there a tut on how to do them, I like the way they look there like glass. Any help appreciated.
  13. Try changing the directory of the place your installing to. e.g. Instead of installing to C:\Program Files\Paint.NET, change the name maybe or delete the folder and all of it's contents at C:\Program Files\Paint.NET, hope this helps! -Stevo
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