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  1. My Mcafee does NOT like this. I was prompted by paint.net to update (which I don't remember having to do in the years I've had paint.net) and once it "deleted" the old version, it had an error and could not upload the new one. I came to the website directly to get the new version and all I get is virus warnings. Even when I push past them, all I got was downloads that had nothing to do with paint.net.....not the most tech savvy person....but this is so frustrating!
  2. I know this must be a very basic question. I used to do all sorts of graphics on paint.net until my last laptop broke. Then I went to photoshop on the family computer and now back to here, but I'm starting from square one. How do I put multiple pictures/graphics into one? On photoshop you click and drag. Also is there some sort of user manual? Thanks for your patience and assistance!
  3. *stupidity enters this thread* ok. I just downloaded my first 3 plug ins. I didn't see an option of where to save them...so they are unblocked and on my desktop. How do I "unzip" them (if they need to be unzipped?) and how do I put them into the paint.net folder. You have the "effects" file but I have no idea how to move it there I'm kinda dense with computers but once I learn something I do pretty well. Please help me, and give simple detailed help I'm using vista and dowloaded them using firefox. I also closed the program (paint.net) while doing the downloads.
  4. Wow! I love this! It's way beyond my level, but maybe as I learn I'll come back to it!
  5. Wow! I love this! It's way beyond my level, but maybe as I learn I'll come back to it!
  6. I swear, I always mess up these tuts :? Where did I go wrong this time?
  7. I swear, I always mess up these tuts :? Where did I go wrong this time?
  8. Thanks I re-posted with follow up questions
  9. yes, rendering swirls, making some like the image I posted above. a-is there anyway to do it without having to delete every pixel around the image? As you can see, that would be VERY tedious (i.e. the image above with all the small details) b-this is what I get how do I do it so the whole thing changes? original image > how it turned out > Not quite like I want...it only does part of it
  10. First of all, please bear with me, as I really don't know what I'm doing most of the time with the program. I'll learn something new then forget it But here's something I really want to learn. I want to learn how to make simple swirl designs if it's possible (or if it's not simple-key word here) maybe you can recommend some free graphics sites? I haven't had much luck. Example: But I want transparents/png, I've found plenty of these kind of backgrounds, but only a couple with transparent backgrounds A couple other questions: > How can you easily turn a jpeg with background into transparent? In the same token, can you select 1 color out of the entire image and just change the hue on that? (like a green screen in movies) > How can you change the color of a black/white object without using the paint bucket tool? This looses all definition. I know how to adjust the hue if it's blue into the whole spectrum, but not if it's black and white Thanks for any help and suggestions rendered!
  11. hi. My sister is the graphic person...that was her degree in college. I graduated in culinary arts and business :shock: I suck at computers, but I'm having fun learning. I haven't been on in a while. The sad thing is, when I learn new stuff, I have no purpose for that knowledge, nowhere to use it So then I forget.... anyway There's lots to learn here. I just have to say, I see some posts where people, especially in the newbie playground tuts tell people their tuts are too simple. To them, I say: some of us need SIMPLE and are a little....slow at this
  12. I think instead of asking what went wrong, I should ask what DIDN'T go wrong :?:
  13. I'm such a noob :oops: You lost me at step 2 I'm used to using adobe photoshop, so I'm getting used to this. how do I cut the new layer in half without cutting the whole image?
  14. You lost me I just read your response about changing the transparency level...but I lost you in how to make it a shadow Where else did I go wrong?
  15. Thanks for this. This is my 3rd graphic I've done on paint.net I just added it today. I don't really get how to do the dashes, dots, etc in one of the first steps, I got arrows :? but it still looks cool to me.
  16. I guess it's trial and error for now. As you can see my simple avatar I re-made now works Is there anyway to make a personal quick reference of certain topics that would be easy to find? Like the link you just gave me. I know I can just comment on the thread and then go to "my topics" for easy reference, but I don't know if that's against the rules since I don't have anything productive to actually say on the topic. My memory for things is a wee it small
  17. ok, I got the select and delete on the background to work once I create a new file. I tried to upload an avatar as a png but it said it was saved as a jpg on tinypic.com. Did it save it as a jpg because it had a background despite the fact that I had just made the background layer not visable instead of deleting it? Does that make sense?
  18. Does that work if I decide to go transparent after I've already added other layers, or do I have to do it from the get go?
  19. Ok, still new to this, but I read the rules and have searched for this, I saw someone a few hours ago have a tutorial on it but now I can't find it :oops: I make a new file and it is automatically white background. I think with my first image I made i somehow was able to move it off the screen? This is all unfamiliar for me. I usually use adobe photoshop 7.0 and use transparancies/png. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  20. ok. I'll try that. I'm sure I'm going to have lots of questions along the way. It's so different than what I'm used to. It's frustrating...thanks for your help!
  21. That worked, thanks. How do you usually deselct, or do you always have to do ctrl d? And I'm not familliar with this, I usually use photoshop (uploaded paint.net for my laptop). How does it work without the text being its own layer?
  22. ok, new problem...why can't I see my text on my image? It shows that it's typing, but it's not appearing?
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