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  1. Trying my hand at after effects : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v49SFdXCYec
  2. dam odst dus suck :L feel free to add me up on live pm me if u want my gt
  3. dam it! very good tutorial but when I was saving pdn crashed on me GAHHHHHHHHH :evil:
  4. I'm lucky my dads friend works for a ticket company so I was lucky to get them. 100 posts
  5. AWW man I wish they were touring somewhere relatively close to where I live! That's so awesome you're going! Have a look - http://www.museboxoffice.com/book_tickets.html
  6. ^Only if you give me the questions < Nearly at 100 posts lol, not bothered really v has a high post count
  7. Just read that lol'd quite a lot rant - my dog litterly started to bite through one of my school folders
  8. Bought a capcard for xbox and it only records in black and white :evil: I hope I shall fix this soon
  9. ^ Only once when I was on holiday in the U.S.A < Likes Taco Bell v Doesn't like taco bell
  10. Calvin Harris's new album Ready for the Weekend. Electro and rock are my thing!
  11. was that texture from the space explosion tutorial? (cant remember name) but as already said, genious!
  12. wow. you do loads of work and he repays with you with disrespect and a low budget. You don't deserve to be working with him.
  13. ^ no < falling asleep while typing v is also very tired
  14. 1. Nice choice of colours 8/10 2. Even better blue suits the best I think 9/10 3 Not much difference from first but still very good 8/10
  15. yeah doctor gave me steroids and a hell of a lot of pills
  16. brother pushed my head forward when I was eating and my tooth got stuck in my lip, I seem to get injured every week now and its infected and its swollen 3x its size AGHHHHHHHHHH :evil:
  17. Muse - Uprising http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EtkuHzBVFM
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