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  1. Trying my hand at after effects : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v49SFdXCYec
  2. dam odst dus suck :L feel free to add me up on live pm me if u want my gt
  3. dam it! very good tutorial but when I was saving pdn crashed on me GAHHHHHHHHH :evil:
  4. I'm lucky my dads friend works for a ticket company so I was lucky to get them. 100 posts
  5. AWW man I wish they were touring somewhere relatively close to where I live! That's so awesome you're going! Have a look - http://www.museboxoffice.com/book_tickets.html
  6. ^Only if you give me the questions < Nearly at 100 posts lol, not bothered really v has a high post count
  7. Just read that lol'd quite a lot rant - my dog litterly started to bite through one of my school folders
  8. Bought a capcard for xbox and it only records in black and white :evil: I hope I shall fix this soon
  9. ^ Only once when I was on holiday in the U.S.A < Likes Taco Bell v Doesn't like taco bell
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