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Glitch Text Effect


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This Tutorial is Available as a PDF File! Click Here to view/download it


Glitch Text


In this tutorial we will learn on how to make text look like this












:HelpPlugins:Required Plugins

Channel Shift


(Optional) Outline Object

Add Noise - Built in

(Optional) Drop Shadow - Built in


:TextTool:Step 1

The first step is to create a new layer and type your text on it (A Large, Bold Text works the best)



:AddNoiseEffect:Step 2

Effects > Noise > Add Noise...

Add Noise to the text, You can mess around with the settings until satisfied



:ShapeDrawTypeOutline:[OPTIONAL] Step 3

Effects > Object > Outline Object...

If wanted, Outline the text for better readability.


:MagicWandTool:Step 4

Effects > Distort > Jitter...

Jitter the text, Like with step 2, Mess around with the settings until satisfied, Higher Settings means Higher Distortion


Here are some variants:


:WindowColors:Step 5

Effects > Asmageddon Tools > Channel Shift


Shift the channels using Channel Shift...


:Warning:You will have to repeat the same action with each channel, You cannot do more channels in one.


"Spread" Away Channels from each other with every channel, Follow some examples below this image.



:RadialGradient:[OPTIONAL] Step 6

Effects > Object > Drop Shadow...


Add Drop shadow to make the text pop out a little if you want


Final Results

If everything was done correctly your text should look something like this


I hope this tutorial helped, Feel free to ask any questionsB)






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Glitch Text Effect

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