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Seamless Simplex Clouds (9 Nov 2023)

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Effects->Render->Seamless Simplex Clouds






Since I make a lot of 3D model textures, basic fractal noise (Perlin, simplex, etc.) is great for natural looking details. The downside is that not many generative effects are seamless and hacking it into seamlessness after generating is messy and rarely works well, so here's a (Open)Simplex noise cloud generator that always creates a tiling texture.


The effect appears quite similar to the built in Clouds effect but has slightly different parameters on top of the seamlessness. No blend mode selection here, sorry. The effect is rendered using the primary and secondary colors like Clouds. The clouds are also squished into the image/rectangle aspect ratio to stay seamless, but any rotated or non-rectangular selection won't be properly seamless.


Demo image:



  • Scale: much like Clouds, chooses the base scale.
  • Detail: increases simplex noise octaves (i.e. how many smaller copies of the clouds are added up together), also increases rendering time.
  • Roughness: increases how intense the detail is, has no effect at minimum (1.0) detail.
  • Brightness: biases the colors towards one end or the other.
  • Gamma: kind of like the middle output value on the Levels adjustment.
  • Use static seed & Seed integer: if you want to generate the same clouds on every call, check this and input a number to lock the pattern.
  • Randomize: if static seed isn't in use, randomizes the pattern.




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Thanks for this @frio! I love the brightness slider. I have already used it in a composition.  👍😊

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