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paint.net 5.0.10 beta (build 8664)

Rick Brewster

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This update has a handful of small improvements and bugfixes, as well as improvements for plugin developers.


Alongside this release, for plugin developers, the Paint.NET Plugin API Documentation site is now live. It is still a (major) work-in-progress, but it finally exists!


This build is available via the built-in updater as long as you have opted-in to pre-release updates. From within Settings -> Updates, enable "Also check for pre-release (beta) versions of paint.net" and then click on the Check Now button. You can also use the links below to download an offline installer or portable ZIP.



You can also download the installer here (for any supported CPU and OS). Offline installers, portable ZIPs, and deployable MSIs are available over on GitHub.


Changes since 5.0.9:

  • New: Edit -> Paste now supports base64-encoded images, which enables copying images from Microsoft Teams (thanks @null54 for the implementation!)
  • Fixed: All mouse cursors will now honor the Windows setting for adjusting the mouse pointer size
  • Fixed a rare crash when rapidly undoing multiple actions
  • New: Plugins can now access the built-in JPEG and PNG FileTypes through two new methods on IFileTypesService
  • Fixed: All of the custom Direct2D effects now have runtime metadata (DisplayName, Author, Category, Description), which is useful for a UI that lets the user browse them (e.g. node editor)
  • New: Added convenience constructors to many Direct2D effects so that they can be used without declaring a new local variable
  • Fixed the Environment property's runtime type when accessed from an EffectConfigForm (for BitmapEffects and GpuEffects with custom UIs)
  • Fixed UIScaleFactor's methods for converting between DIPs and pixels
  • Fixed ability to work with EffectConfigForms in the Visual Studio WinForms designer
  • Updated the bundled AvifFileType to version 1.1.26 (thanks @null54!)
  • Updated the bundled DdsFileTypePlus to version 1.12.4 (thanks @null54!)
  • Updated the bundled WebPFileType to version 1.3.20, which now uses libwebp v1.3.2 (thanks @null54!)
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The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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CodeLab v6.9 has been released to support new features in Paint.NET v5.0.10 here:




More details at the link, but this update includes:

  • Access to the modern effect pipeline
    • Create new style Bitmap effects
    • Create GPU accelerated image effects
    • Create GPU accelerated drawing effects
  • Pressing F1 can now open PDN API documentation
  • Increased code window size
  • New UI element LabelComment
  • Add Premultiplied/Straight Alpha and Disable Selection Clipping checkboxes to the Build Form (for GPU accelerated plugins)

  • Ctrl+N now opens menu allowing you to choose what type of new effect you wish to create


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