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How do I align a picture to scale ? Tilt and skew to actual size.

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I have a 3200 x 1440  picture of a circuit board that needs adjustment.  It has rulers on all four sides. But the camera was not perfectly parallel to the board.

I need to adjust so the picture is linear horizontally and vertically and to a 1:1 scale

Need instruction. I am a beginner but not a novice.  I know how to change aspect ratio and resize, Also I need to stay close to 16:10

What plugins do I need.

Have v4.3.10 but I could downgrade if needed.

Then I need to place a .1250x.1250 grid into another layer and overlay the grid. Lower left corner will be 0,0,0

I need to then measure components in the picture and plot their location and measure their height. The PCB board surface will be Z0

Any help would be much appreciated.

Please provide detailed answers.


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I don't know if this will be of any use, but Paste From Clipboard allows the size, aspect ratio, and angle of an image to be modified quite precisely.


You can manually determine the position of items by putting the cursor on them and reading off the displayed cursor position, and manually determine the position and  size of objects by making rectangular selections about them and reading off the selection position and size.  I doubt there's any automatic way of doing that.

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This is all very helpful information. I wish to thank everyone.

I am using a Samsung S20 ultra on a fixed base 15" high.  Experimented with lighting and exposures, It took a while to learn but I now have raw 4000x3000 pics in native 4:3 mode that are pretty good.  Even with four light sources, the PCB components still have shadows except in the center of the pic. They are too large to upload though.

   I have also discovered that the lens does create a slight fish-eye distortion effect. Which I will also have to correct for.

Any ideas ?


  So my new idea is divide the picture into quadrants to reduce the Fish-eye and shadows, Correct each quadrant tilt, skew,scale & fish eye then stitch the quadrants together.

It would give me more detail and less shadows. Any thoughts on whether this method is good /bad?    Would I be doing this the hard way ?

Raw test photos.



  Eventually I do need to plot their locations but actual measurements will be needed. I plan on overlaying a grid in a separate layer. I think actual measurements can be done in Solidworks.  Still researching that.

My hope is to be able to measure parts and create accessories in CAD that fit on the Circuit board for my own use. Maybe a 3d model.


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