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Problem with transparence in .dds files

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I'm using Paint.net to make skins for games. I just updated to 4.2.15 version and since then I have a problem with .dds files: before updating if i wanted a transparent part I just had to delete it by selecting and hitting "canc". If i do it with the new version in Paint.net i get it transparent but ingame the transparent part looks black. Is there any different setting? How can I solve this? In case it's something i can't solve, is there a way to get older versions of Paint.net?


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The reason that this does not work now is because New Layers are now black alpha.


If you want easy white alpha, use the plugin to convert to white alpha.


Save the file to Desktop, open its Properties and set to Read Only.


Open paint.net by double-clicking the file.


If you want additional white alpha layers, make them by duplicating the existing white alpha layer.


Add New Layer will give you a black alpha layer.

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5 hours ago, ayeyebraz0v said:

Is there a way to get older versions? 


Not from here.

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