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Translating colors

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Hello I'm new to this program and I can't seem to figure out how to translate (maybe the wrong word) to another. For example, I have a simple 64 pixel x 64 pixel imagine that blends white into blue. Let's say I wanted to make it red - is it possible to turn it into red without having to manually change each pixel? It would be painstakingly long since there are multiple shades of blue. Hope I'm explaining this correctly.


Thank you!

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Hello & welcome to the forum @g404


Paint.net has an awesome tool which will recolor one shade who another: the Recoloring Tool. Here's a link to explain how to use it.


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 Unfortunately, it's not working as intended. I did, however, come across a tutorial on using the Color Range plugin. I selected the primary color in my image (blue) and created a new layer. I then was able to Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation to slide the color bar to the desired color. All colors are no available though when I do this, but it does have the majority of colors that I'm looking for.

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