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Intensity RGB


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This effect allows you to change the color intensity separately in the R, G, and B channels.

It can be useful for giving a photo a retro effect or for changing the color of items in the image.


Download from my PluginPack


You can find this effect in Adjustments menu.


The effect has a simple intuitive interface.









CodeLab source code:


// Name:Intensity RGB
// Submenu:
// Author:ReMake
// Title:Intensity RGB
// Version:1.0
// Desc:Adjusting the intensity of the R, G, and B channels separately
// Keywords:paint.net|effect|intensity|rgb
// URL:https://www.getpaint.net/redirect/plugins.html
// Help:
#region UICode
IntSliderControl red = 215; // [0,255] Red
IntSliderControl green = 75; // [0,255] Green
IntSliderControl blue = 10; // [0,255] Blue

void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect)
    Rectangle selection = EnvironmentParameters.SelectionBounds;

    ColorBgra CurrentPixel;
    for (int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++)
        if (IsCancelRequested) return;
        for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++)
            if (IsCancelRequested) return;
            CurrentPixel = src[x,y];
            byte intensity = CurrentPixel.GetIntensityByte();
            int R = (CurrentPixel.R*red + intensity*(255-red))/255;
            int G = (CurrentPixel.G*green + intensity*(255-green))/255;
            int B = (CurrentPixel.B*blue + intensity*(255-blue))/255;

            CurrentPixel.R = (byte)R;
            CurrentPixel.G = (byte)G;
            CurrentPixel.B = (byte)B;

            dst[x,y] = CurrentPixel;

private void OnWindowHelpButtonClicked(IWin32Window owner, string helpContent)
    MessageBox.Show(owner, "Intensity RGB  v1.0\n\nAdjusting the intensity of the R, G, and B channels separately.\n\nCopyright ©2020 by ReMake\nAll rights reserved.", "Intensity RGB", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information);

and icon  Intensity-RGB.png


I hope you will like this effect and find a use for it.

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