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How to change the color of gradient + transparent + overwrite blend, it is always white?

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I am a newbie so bare with my dumb questions.


I want to make a simple gradient overlay that covers part of the original picture (so that I can put text on it).


I created another layer, and tried to put gradient on that layer. After several experiments, I found that transparent overwrite mode is what I needed.


However, in transparent overwrite mode, the color is always from white to "no color". I tried to change the primary color and secondary color and it doesn't work.


I then tried to click here and there, by switching the transparent/color mode, and switching the blend mode, and suddenly it worked as from secondary color to "no color", but I don't know what I did to make it work.


I tried to repeat the above step again, it changed back to "from white to no color".


I tried to search but seems nobody had the same problem. Please help. Thanks.




The following is the primary & secondary color.




The following is the "from white to no color" gradient, it should be from "primary color to secondary color" gradient.





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4 hours ago, ryanhh said:

After several experiments, I found that transparent overwrite mode is what I needed.


If you want to go from the primary to the secondary color, Transparent mode isn't what you need. Transparent mode, as the name suggests, changes the transparency, not the color. The reason you get white is that the "color" of the transparent pixels in your transparent layer is white -- that is, the pixels would be white, but since they're transparent, you can see them. When you do the transparent gradient in Overwrite mode, you force them to be non-transparent, so you can then see their white color.


I don't know what you're trying to achieve, but whatever it is, you're going about it in the wrong way. If you describe more completely what you want to do, I'm sure someone can point you in the right direction.

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I think the problem may be quite simple; the OP is choosing the colour/transparency from the square of the colour selector box ie. the bottom left square which is actually transparent white.






To do what I think OP wants to do is choose the Gradient Tool in a new layer above the background image. That will use the Primary and Secondary selected colours. Then just adjust the transparency setting of that layer to suit the purpose intended.


If what is wanted is actually to graduate the transparency then one of the colours, either Primary or Secondary would have to be set to transparent too using the Color Tools slider.


I do think we need more clarity as to what precisely the OP wants to do.


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