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  1. I am a newbie so bare with my dumb questions. I want to make a simple gradient overlay that covers part of the original picture (so that I can put text on it). I created another layer, and tried to put gradient on that layer. After several experiments, I found that transparent overwrite mode is what I needed. However, in transparent overwrite mode, the color is always from white to "no color". I tried to change the primary color and secondary color and it doesn't work. I then tried to click here and there, by switching the transparent/color mode, and switching the blend mode, and suddenly it worked as from secondary color to "no color", but I don't know what I did to make it work. I tried to repeat the above step again, it changed back to "from white to no color". I tried to search but seems nobody had the same problem. Please help. Thanks. The following is the primary & secondary color. The following is the "from white to no color" gradient, it should be from "primary color to secondary color" gradient.
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