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Is there a plugin to choose which tools to put in Tool Menu?

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I use Cut / Paste a great deal. Course sometimes I do CNTL C  or V  mostly I like to rest my chin on my left hand (ha! legs crossed fixing up pictures on awesome Paint.net!)

Anyhoooo -  Say, for me, there's 5 tools on it I do not use, and it would be coool beans to be able to put the Cut and Paste  or Adjustments (contrast / levels..) and customize it.


 I've been paint-person I guess 6 or more years to make home brochure plans and umpteen fixed up house photos for my new homes website. 

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The keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C or even Ctrl + Shift + C  and Ctrl + V are available through the Menus.


The Adjustments too have keyboard combinations




Once you memorize the ones you use regularly you'll never look for the icon again :mrgreen:

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