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How do I create a freeform parallelogram with square edges?

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I want to draw a freeform parallelogram to model an odd shaped patio. I want to draw it as a single line and close it by ending at the start point. Please see attached sketch. I know I can us the line tool and hold the shift key to snap to a straight line but how do I get a new point at a 90 degree or other angle with square not curved edges?


What tool should I use? Is there a video that could help me?


Thanks in advance

Patio Sketch Original (Large).jpg

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Try the ShapeMaker plugin: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/110677-shapemaker-by-the-dwarf-horde-v150-march-21-2020/


Below took less than a minute with the Straight Line tool (gray highlight in the tool bar).


Right click to drop a node.

Left click & drag to position nodes.

Second icon from right in toolbar automatically closes the path.




Video tutorial:


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One way to go is the ShapeMaker tool plugin that @Ego Eram Reputo explained above. But that could be an overkill for a simple drawing like what you need.


The Line Tool always draws straight lines, whether you hold the Shift key or not. As long as do not move any of the four "nubs" before you click Finish (or press Enter), your line will always be perfectly straight. What the Shift key does, is constrain the line to 15 degree multiples relevant to the horizontal or vertical axis. More on the Line Tool on this page.


Your shape, however odd, is still made of 8 straight lines, so you should be able to draw it just by using the Line Tool. Do not try to draw the corners, just draw separate straight lines. You'll find that drawing each line on a separate layer will allow for more accurate placing. For the 90 degree angles, hold the Shift key while drawing the lines. More on Layers on this page


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Although it does mention this in the PDF manuals which come with Shapemaker it might be useful to mention here that after you install it in the Effects folder it can be found when you launch PDN under the Effects menu in the new Advanced sub-menu entry

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