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Cannot access Bezier Curve; tool is locked on spline

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I am forced to use an old version of Paint.Net because I am working on a Windows XP machine. I know that support for this version is long dead, and as such am not expecting support, but I am nonetheless sending this out with the hope that someone can help me. I have Paint.Net 3.5.11 installed, and the Curve/Line tool is defaulted to the Spline setting, without any option to change to Bezier curves. As someone who works with lines that need to curve very smoothly with no "angles," the Bezier setting is vital to my work. Is there a way to change this setting? Can I use a keyboard shortcut for it? Is there a menu setting I am not seeing? The changelog says that Bezier curves were introduced in 2.5, so I do not see why this version should not have it. Clearly this is an error on my end but I feel I have exhausted the options for how I am handling the program wrong.

Any help is appreciated,

-Proxima Polyhedron

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3 hours ago, Proxima Polyhedron said:

I know that support for this version is long dead


^ Exactly this. Your solution is to upgrade XP then upgrade to the latest version of paint.net. Your problem will disappear. You already know this.



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HyReZ mentioned the answer, but here's more details to make it clear:


Once you draw a line, use the right mouse button on one of the nubs. It turns the line into a bezier curve.


This does not apply to Paint.NET v4.0 and higher.  Please upgrade Windows and Paint.NET.

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