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[Suggestion] Delete "the white outline" of canvas from Dark mode

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I like the contrast myself. If it really bothers you, put a dark border around your canvas to push the light outline further away from your work space.

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Can't agree with the OP - like welshblue I feel that with the dark grey background of the dark theme it is useful having the canvas edge defined clearly.


With the Default and Light themes the default white canvas, without a distinct border around it, would be lost against the white background. I'd agree though that it is less likely if the canvas border was removed in the Dark theme that you'll have the same problem because your canvas or border area is less likely to be the same dark grey.


But if having the canvas border defined causes no problem when using the Default or Light theme I do not see why it should cause any particular problem when using the Dark theme either.     

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Yes it's necessary. It defines the edge of your image. It is particularly useful when your image is a similar color to the editing window background.


Here's a screenshot of a screenshot I posted a few minutes ago.




Anyone care to tell me where the edge of the image is if you take the border away?


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